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5 questions with Asia's Next Top Model's Alex Perry


5 questions with Asia's Next Top Model's Alex Perry

Asia's Next Top Model's new creative director is Australian designer Alex Perry. Photo: StarWorld

SINGAPORE — Australian fashion designer Alex Perry has always appreciated the Asian aesthetic. And he’s currently putting his expert eye to good use as creative director and judge in the third season of Asia’s Next Top Model, hosted by Filipina-British model and VJ Georgina Wilson.

“I love the aesthetic of Asian beauty. It has always been one of my reference points as far as fashion and beauty go,” Perry said, adding: “Liu Wen and a host of Asian models have a sense of refinement and elegance. There’s something very exotic about them.”

That’s why he’s excited about the chance to discover the next Asian supermodel. “I love the Top Model franchise. I love the fact we get to search for ordinary girls who can become extraordinary models,” he said.

Perry brings with him the experience gained from judging seven cycles of Australia’s Next Top Model. “We’ve had a lot of success in Australia. We feel very proud of the girls we find, especially the ones who go on to have great careers,” he said.

All that has honed what he feels is his defining characteristic: His honesty. “If the girls are going into the industry and working on a global scale, they need to be told the truth about everything,” he asserted.

In fact, he’s almost like the stony-faced parent of a large brood. “I think they’re a little bit scared of me,” Perry chuckled. “When they are asked about me, they say, ‘We can’t tell what he’s thinking.’ I try not to show any favouritism. I find if I become emotionally attached to somebody, it clouds my vision, and I’d rather be a bit more stand-offish and speak to them really honestly. And if they did something wrong, I’d tell them.”

Okay, Judge Perry, hit us with the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Q: What’s your favourite style trend that has come out of Asia?

A: Since I’ve been in Singapore, I’ve seen such incredible street fashion. There has been a lot of colour. There are great high street brands here. I love the fact that there’s a bright accessibility of colour and fashion in Asia. I think Asian girls like to try new trends.

Q: What’s your current fashion obsession?

A: I’m always obsessed with shoes. I love super high boots at the moment — things that lace up. This season, we’re seeing a different version, with thin laces.

Q: What’s your fashion pet peeve?

A: It has kind of always been when women wear underwear that’s too tight and you can see it through their clothing. People don’t look at their backs in the mirror.

Q: What’s your greatest shopping weakness?

A: Louis Vuitton. Just anything Louis Vuitton. I’ve got a slight obsession. I can always find something to buy there.

Q: What’s your top style tip for men and women?

A: Always understand what your body shape is like and dress accordingly. If super short skirts are in fashion but you don’t have incredible legs, don’t wear them. There’ll be something else for you. The most well-dressed women are the ones who dress for their body shape. MAY SEAH

Catch the third season of Asia’s Next Top Model starting March 25, Wednesdays at 8.45pm on Star World (StarHub TV Ch 501 and Singtel TV Ch 301).

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